Content Marketing

How will your content speak to and reach the growing consumer and business market? The language is different. The platforms are different. It’s Facebook, Google, or Twitter for US or Europe people. But Weibo, WeChat or Baidu for the Chinese people.

The platforms and languages may be different but our content needs are the same. Audiences in China, like U.S. counterparts, like to share and engage with quality relevant content. China’s Content marketing and strategy are no different from America’s. Content consumes the daily life of consumers lived in everywhere.

Our Point of Difference

Localization work
Global services

Content strategy and planning

Our process starts with working to understand your global and regional content strategy and integrate it into the local markets with the right cultural and localized twist. Identifying and listening to your target audiences informs your content marketing strategy.Building out a content roadmap and editorial calendar keeps your content fresh and on time.

Content audit

Targeted audiences are always looking for fresh and meaningful content. EWTC spends time understanding your audiences and personas across platforms to find content creation opportunities and market gaps to ensure your company connects with its audiences on the right level and approach.

Content creation and distribution

We leverage the best content writers in your brand vertical. Using a data-based approach, we A/B test to discover the best content for your content marketing campaigns. Our content writers retain and distill your brand's essence while improving brand impressions and influence.

Data and content reporting

Gathering audience insight and mining data for content trends and ideas keeps your content marketing on target and on time. We create insightful content marketing reports with well-defined metrics and align those metrics with your global content marketing reporting requirements.

How can we help you?

If you would like to see more examples of exceptional content we have created for clients, please just get in touch.

Our content marketing service pricing is based on a month rate and the number of days required depends on your current situation and your objectives. You may already have a content strategy in place which requires refining, or you may need our team to help develop this entirely. Either way, we can help and explain the options available.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our content marketing agency can do to boost your business.